Getting started with Ogi

How do I find out if Ogi is available in my area?

Try our postcode checker, which will tell you if we’ve reached your area yet. If you are, congratulations, we’d love to welcome you to the Ogi community!

If you’re a home customer living in south Wales, but not yet in an Ogi-networked community, we may be able to provide you with an alternative service. Share your details with us for more information on what we can do in your area – and to find out if we’re on our way. 

If you’re looking for business broadband, we provide services throughout south Wales: find out more.

How much is installation?

Standard installation is £60; Ogi Alt installation is £99.

At the moment, standard installation is FREE to all new Ogi 150, Ogi 300 and Ogi 900 12- and 24-month contract customers!

If it turns out that your installation isn’t standard for any reason, our Sales team will tell you about any additional cost involved.

When will my Ogi service be installed?

If you’re an Ogi 150, Ogi 300 or Ogi 900 customer, you can book your installation when you place your order, and we’ll confirm it with you by email and text. If you need to change the installation for any reason, please email or phone 029 2002 0520.

If you’re an Ogi Alt customer, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange your installation.

You’ll need to be at home for your installation. Just a quick flag here – if our team arrives at the agreed time and no-one is there, you may be charged a fee (£60 for a standard installation, £99 for an Ogi Alt installation). So put the date in your diary!

What will happen during the installation?

Standard installation takes up to 2 hours (it’s often much quicker). The team will set up your full fibre connection, and hook up your router/s for you.

This video explains it all in just 60 seconds.

Will I need a new email address?

No, you can use any email address you like with Ogi! If you’re moving from another provider, just be aware that some companies will downgrade your email account type or ask you to pay a monthly fee to keep using their full email service after your broadband contract ends. It’s worth checking this out with them in advance.

If I have Ogi Voice, can I keep my old phone number?

If you’ve opted for Ogi Voice, you can keep your phone number – let us know and we’ll arrange for it to be moved (aka ‘ported’) for you. There’s no extra cost, but it can take a few days (usually around 7-10 days), so if there’s a delay we’ll give you a temporary number to keep you connected. Please don’t ask your previous provider to disconnect your phone until your number has been transferred.

If I’m switching from another provider, how long will I be without the internet?

Here’s the good news – you won’t! When you switch from a traditional copper wire network to Ogi full fibre, you can stay connected all the time. Once Ogi is up and running, you can then contact your previous provider to disconnect your old service.

Ogi kit (the hardware, aka routers)

Can I use my existing router(s)?

Yes. And thank you for doing that – reusing existing hardware is much better for the environment. Our wifi solutions are included as part of our standard package prices, which will still apply, but to say ‘Thank you’ for doing your bit for the planet, we’ll send you an Ogi Eco Voucher worth £40 for doing your bit for the planet, which you can spend at Amazon.

What equipment do I get?

If you’re an Ogi 150, Ogi 300 or Ogi 900 customer, you’ll get a Nokia ONT (that’s a little black box we’ll attach to your wall, close to where the cable comes into your home).

  • For Ogi 150, you’ll get a Zyxel EX3301 wifi router 
  • For Ogi 300, you’ll get two eero 6 wifi mesh routers
  • For Ogi 900, you’ll get two eero 6 Pro wifi mesh routers

Ogi Alt customers only:
For Ogi Alt, you’ll receive your Zyxel router(s) from us before your installation takes place. 


If you live outside an Ogi full fibre area but choose to sign-up for Ogi Alt, Openreach engineers will carry out the installation for you. You may need to set up your own Zyxel wifi router, but it’s totally straightforward (just follow the instructions in the box). 


If your property is larger than normal, or has unusual construction, we can provide you with a Zyxel Extender to boost your wifi – this is an optional extra you can ask about when you place your order.


Setting up your Zyxel Extender
This is also easy to set up, but the instructions in the box are rather long, so we’ve created our own slightly more user-friendly version for smartphone users here (if you don’t have a smartphone, please refer to the instructions in the box). Remember, you’ll need to have your router up and running first. 

  1. Go to your smartphone’s wifi settings and connect to the Ogi Wifi SSID using the wireless key (usually a combination of letters and numbers) shown on the back of your Zyxel router.
  2. Now go to your app store and download the MPro Mesh App to your mobile (the leaflet has a QR code for this you can use if you want to).
  3. Open the app and log in using the wireless key (password) on the back of your router.
  4. Plug in your extender – there’s a UK adaptor provided. It will now power on and self-test, so wait for the power indicator light to become steady and the wifi indicator to start flashing.
  5. Connect your extender to your router, either using an Ethernet cable (step 6a) or via wifi (step 6b). 
  6. a. Via Ethernet: Plug the cable into one of the four LAN ports on the back of the router and one of the two LAN ports on the extender. That’s all you need to do. If you decide to switch to wifi in future you’ll need to reset the device and start the setup process again.
    b. Via wifi: Place the extender close to the router. Open the MPro Mesh App on your mobile and tap the plus sign (+) next to Mesh Devices. Follow the on-screen instructions – you’ll see an orange flashing light on the extender once you press the WPS button. Your MPro Mesh App should show both devices on the home screen, with the extender using the same Wifi SSID as the router. If they haven’t successfully connected, try the pairing process again, with the extender closer to the router. 

Once you’ve connected your extender
Now your extender is connected, you can position it between the router and wherever in your home is likely to have poor wifi coverage. This is one of the advantages wifi has over an Ethernet connection – you may need a long cable if they are physically connected. 

If you used wifi to connect them, the MPro Mesh App will show you the wireless signal strength between your router and extender. If it’s green, all is well! If it’s amber, your signal is too strong, so move the extender further away from the router. And if it’s red, your signal is too weak – move the extender closer to the router.

How do I connect my phone to Ogi Voice?

Once we’ve confirmed that your number has been moved to Ogi, you can plug your phone into your connection box on the wall, and you’re good to go.

How do I change my network password?

You can view or change your eero network password any time in the eero App, under Settings. 

To change your Zyxel network password, go to Maintenance, User Account on your online Zyxel control panel (Web GUI).

Can I set parental controls for network access?

Yes, you can! You can create a profile for any device using the network (say, your child’s tablet) and then set the times it can use the internet, and what kind of content it’s able to see.

Use the Profiles feature in the eero app, or the Parental Control settings on your online Zyxel control panel (web GUI).

Can I connect my Sky box to Ogi?

Yes, you can! Follow the connection process on your Sky Q box by selecting ‘Connect to a non-Sky

network’, clicking on your network name and typing in your network key.

What do I do if my kit is faulty?

If your router or extender has suddenly stopped working, you probably know what we’ll say first – as long as it’s not damaged, please try switching it off at the mains, and then turning it back on again after 60 seconds!


If it still isn’t working, try our troubleshooting guide; otherwise let us know by emailing us at, or calling 029 2002 0550. 

If we need to send an engineer out to check your equipment, we’ll sort that out (please bear in mind that if no-one is home or no fault is found, we may need to charge you for their time).


If we need to swap your kit, we’ll simply send a new one to you with a prepaid postage bag for you to return the faulty item to us. If you’re out of contract there is a small admin/postage charge.

My kit is accidentally damaged, what do I do?

If your router or extender is not working because it has been damaged, we will need to charge you for a replacement. Let us know by emailing us at, or by calling 029 2002 0550. We’ll send you a replacement with a pre-paid postage bag for you to return the damaged item.

Your broadband speed

How can I test my broadband speed?

You can use this free service to take a Speed Test. To get the most accurate results, you should connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable and switch off any other devices you’re using. This is because speed is shared between all the devices you have currently in use, so if you have a 150Mbps service with five devices connected, those five devices will each receive at an average of 30Mbps. 

By carrying out a speed test with only one device connected, you’ll see what your service overall is achieving.

I’m not getting the speeds I expected – what’s going on?

Your broadband speed can vary for lots of reasons, including local network traffic (how busy it is), as well as wider issues across the UK network and beyond. Because of all the factors outside our control, we can’t actually guarantee a minimum network speed, we can just tell you about the average speeds achievable. 

At least half of our customers still achieve our advertised download and upload speeds during the busiest times (peak hours are 8am to 10pm). The minimum download speed you can expect to receive during peak time is around half your advertised speed. 

There are some things you can try: take a look at our tips for speeding up your broadband experience.

We’re always checking and optimise the Ogi network, if you’ve tried the Speed Test and your actual speeds are significantly lower than expected, please let us know: email or call us on 029 2002 0550. If we aren’t able to improve things for you within 30 days, you can end your contract with us free of charge.

Your Ogi account

How do I update my account details?

To change your account details, simply email our Customer Care team with the changes you need to make, or call us on 029 2002 0550. 

Can I nominate someone else to manage my account?

Yes, you can! Email our Customer Care team or call us on 029 2002 0550 to let us know the details.

What if I move house?

If you plan to move house, we may be able to move your service to your new address, depending on where you’re moving to and what sort of service you have. Please email with the details, or phone 029 2002 0520 to find out if we’re able to help. 

Just be aware that if we can offer you a future service, you may be charged an installation fee at your new address – our Sales team will be able to tell you, and let you know if you can take your wifi kit with you (you probably can!). 

If we can’t offer you a service at your new property, you’ll need to close your account with us. 

How do I cancel my service?

Once you’ve joined Ogi, you have a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period during which you can cancel your service at any time – let us know by emailing

If you’d like to have your service installed during the cooling-off period, no problem, but if you then choose to cancel your order before within those 14 days, you’ll need to pay us back for the cost of installation and send your wifi kit back to us in good working condition (we cover the postage). Your contract will then end without any additional charges.

After 14 days, you can end your contract by giving us 30 days’ notice in writing (an email to is fine, or you can write to us at Customer Care, Ty Ogi, Hodge House, 114-116 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1DY). It’s important to know that if your contract with us is still running, you’ll still need to pay for the months that remain.


Returning the wifi equipment

Once we’ve received your cancellation or notice to end your contract, we’ll send you a pre-paid postage pack. Use it to return your wifi kit back to us via Royal Mail for recycling. This is important, as we’ll need to charge you for any equipment that isn’t returned. 

I’ve got Ogi Voice, but I can’t remember what’s included?

Your monthly Ogi Voice service includes your chosen call package:

Ogi Voice Evenings and Weekends
(that is, free calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers, 7pm-7am Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday)

Ogi Voice Anytime
(calls at any time to UK landlines and mobiles)

Calls to other Ogi Voice users and internet calls are free at any time; all other calls are billed at our advertised prices. If you want to add voicemail, international calls or access to premium-rate services, just ask us to add these services to your package. 

Remember, all calls except freephone numbers are capped at 60 minutes, so that you won’t accidentally run up a huge bill. You can still hang up then redial to carry on chatting!

Billing and payment

How and when will I receive my bill?

We’ll send your bill by email once a month (unless you ask us for paper billing as an optional extra). It will show a full breakdown of charges, including any discount and VAT. 

Your Ogi service is usually billed a month in advance, and your direct debit will be made on or around the date of your bill. Your first bill will be different to those that follow, as it covers the days you’ve already been connected, plus your next month in advance.

If there’s something on your bill you’re not sure about, please do ask us, by emailing or calling 029 2002 0550.

Can I change my payment date?

No problem! Just get in touch with us to change your billing date to one that suits you better.

How do I change my direct debit details?

To update your payment details, just call us on 029 2002 0550.

Our payment details

If you ever need to make a payment other than by direct debit, our bank details are:

Account Name – Spectrum Fibre Limited
Sort Code – 30-91-89
Account Number – 32691660

Please use your Ogi account number as a reference.

My payment failed – what do I do?

If a direct debit payment fails, we’ll give it another try if we can, or we’ll need you to get in touch to help us set up a new mandate.

What should I do if I’m struggling to pay my bills?

We’re sorry if you are having trouble paying. Please talk to us as soon as possible, to help avoid late payment charges and possible restrictions to your account – we’ll certainly help if we can. Email us on or call us on 029 2002 0550.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

If we’ve written to you to request payment and don’t hear back from you, we’ll try and reach you by phone or email to discuss things with you further. If you’ve still not been able to pay us (or agree repayment with us), your broadband speed will be reduced to 3Mbps, which will still be enough for basic browsing and sending emails.

We’ll keep you up to date at every stage, including next steps, which may ultimately result in your Ogi service being cancelled if you’re unable to settle your account or keep to any agreed repayment plan.

Independent advice and financial help

Here are some organisations that can give you independent, impartial and practical advice on managing debt and payments.

StepChange Debt Charity 0800 138 1111

Citizens Advice 0808 223 1133

National Debtline 0808 808 4000

PayPlan 0800 280 2816

MoneyHelper 0800 138 7777

Let’s keep in touch

Tell us how we’re doing

We love to get positive feedback, but if something’s not right, we also need to know so that we can do better. Tell us about your experience with Ogi using this online feedback form.

If you need to make a complaint

If something has gone wrong, please let us try and put things right. Send us an email at, call us on 029 2002 0550, or write to us at Ogi Customer Services, Tŷ Ogi, Hodge House, 114-116 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DY.

Our Complaints Code sets out how we handle complaints and what to expect from us.